A brand is the emotional and experiential qualities that fuel perception, ideas, or the image people have in mind when thinking about or experiencing your company. We often think about and use "branding "interchangeably with "logo design. " Despite being closely related, they are different, and a significant reason that my process begins by getting to know you and your goals. So don't worry. We do logos with enthusiasm, hand-drawn, and an authentic representation of you. However, we also do branding that can help you stand out and connect with your customers in ways you didn't know were possible.

  • Bogi

    What kind of logo do you design when crafting it for an automotive industry legend? When Bogi, the 10+ year host of Motortrend's All Girls Garage, fiery advocate for women in the automotive industry, and all-around badass mechanic, reached out. We responded with a signature-inspired distinctive design reflecting the unique brand personality of Bogi and the passion she lends to the automotive industry.

  • Girl Gang Garage

    What happens when a passionate advocate for change collides with an equally passionate designer? They collaborate, creating an iconic Girl Gang Garage brand that imbibes gritty girl power and embodies their spirit. This design was extra unique because it included a hidden image. The clever use of the negative space between "Gang" and" Garage" depicts the silhouette of a classic 57' Chevy Truck, "Chevy Montage." This visual, a hallmark of Girl Gang Garage, is a subtle reminder of the all-female build that started it all and brought this mission of change into full view.

  • Huhney Bee Fabrication

    An extraordinary brand for a fantastic human, and what an honor it was to support Briana, owner of Huhney Bee Fabrication, in her fledgling steps to begin her business. She reached out, in need of a logo. So, of course, I was thrilled to help. If she looks familiar, this busy little bee competed in Motortrend's Bitchin Bootcamp and Monster Garage. The Huhney Bee Fabrication logo is one of my favorites, and I'm excited to collaborate with her on some new future projects.

  • High Yellow 56

    There was a logo long before I removed a single bolt to restore this classic 1956 chevy truck that is its namesake. Every project has a starting point, and this logo's creation made this wild idea seem real and believable. Furthermore, it served to signal others to help support this modest effort. The typography in this logo is hand drawn and can be seen throughout the truck, shirts, hats, etc. It has become as iconic as the truck it represents.